Re: KPA1500 FT8 Split Operation ATU Issue

Rick NK7I

“Fake it” or split is suggested to keep the TX audio within the 1500-2000 Hz range. 

To have that audio go below that range, risks transmitting harmonics which add garbage and interference to other receivers. 

It’s most apparent in F/H mode when the app selects the tones, not the user, in a reply, always low. 

Just allow the app to control the VFO(s), using other than “None” and you won’t cause issues.   It’s just that simple. 

Rick NK7I

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On Sep 24, 2021, at 7:00 AM, Jim Denneny <57JNDenneny@...> wrote:

Thanks for your clarification.  I do not use split in F/H either as I generally find the FOX in the low end of the passband around 300Hz and I TX above 1000  Hz.  I agree if FOX is outside the passband, SPLIT would be required.  So far, I have found the FOX inside passband.

73, Jim K7EG

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