Re: K3s IF-Out level

Paul G4KZY

Hi Daniel,

I have seen it mentioned that there is about a 6dB loss from the RF in to the IF out without the preamp switched on.  This would increase to say 4dB gain with the preamp selected.  There is a level specified in the P3 menu which defaults to -5.8dB and which allows you to accurately set the loss from the K3 antenna to the IF out connector.

It is not clear whether your Rig Expert was inadvertently connected to the K3s IF Out or the P3 input.  You could check the P3 input if you have a signal generator.  If you have a second HF receiver you could check the K3s IF out for signal level.

The Rig Experts seem to produce about 13dBm or 20mW of power which is quite high for a receiver but I would be surprised if it was high enough to cause damage through immediate power dissipation. 

The P3 schematic shows that it uses a small 1:4 transformer on its input and can also be fed by what looks like a bias-tee 5V signal.  I would look here for signs of damage.

The IF out on the KXV3B comes directly from the K3s main board connector J2 where it arrives having been buffered by Q10.  A bad Q10 could easily cause loss of signal strength.

Good luck with it.

Paul G4KZY

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