Re: KPA1500 FT8 Split Operation ATU Issue

Bill - AK6A

Hi Jim,


    Thanks for your response. There are several reasons to use the WSJT-X Split Modes instead of None. In None WSJT-X shifts your transmit audio frequency rather than your actual transmit center frequency. In None you are limited to the width of the transmit passband of your radio. Depending on your radio your audio might start to fall off above 2500 Hz or below 500 Hz. If you want to select a spot on the waterfall to transmit in these areas you are out of luck. In Split or Rig modes WSJT-X shifts your actual transmit frequency and your transmit audio always stays in the middle of your radios passband. This lends itself to cleaner audio and the ability to go anywhere on the waterfall. In Rig mode WSJT-X shifts VFO A, in Split it uses VFO A for RX and VFO B for TX.

     The second reason to use a Split mode is with the FT8 software I use (JTDX) to use F/H mode the radio has to be configured in either Split or Rig. If I stayed in None then I’d always have to go to the radio setup page and go to Split when I wanted to run F/H.

   Anyway, this is how I understand how it all works. 




Bill - AK6A

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