Re: KPA1500 Temperature Management #kpa1500


Making a couple of observations.

1.  I run the KPA 1500 at about a KW on lower bands and full power on higher bands.   I am a long winded CW operator so generally get to fan level three during most transmissions.   I let the factory default settings mange the fans.

2. That being said, there is a program out there called Fanticipator that gives the operator some fan management tools to use if the want to do things like having the funs run longer or at a minimum speed when operating.

3.  My shack is on the west side of an un-airconditioned house.   Lots of glass.   Summer afternoons can push 80 plus degrees in the shack.   I remotely located my amp in a cool area below the shack.  I have USB and Ethernet cables running from the K3s to the amp.   I can use the KPA 1500 utility, the Elecraft KPA 1500 remote program or Fanticipator to manage the remote amp.   In the remote location, the amp runs significantly cooler and I don't have any fan noise to deal with.  I like using Fanticipator for remote control because it has a small monitor footprint and, uniquely, keeps the power out and swr reading on the display so you can look at them after you transmit.

4.  Personally, I find the regular Elecraft forum difficult to read.   It doesn't put messages into threads like Groups or Google.


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