Re: P3 pan scope extended checksum at power on

David Bunte

Dale -

I see it doing the checksum but I never sensed that it took more than a few seconds. Maybe 6-8 or so. 

GL es 73 de Dave - K9FN 

On Sat, Aug 7, 2021 at 9:08 AM southdaleus via <> wrote:
I recently had the P3SVGA fail.  I went though troubleshooting and re-installing FW with discouraging results.  The P3SVGA is on it's way back to Elecraft for evaluation and repair if possible.  
Since the removal of the P3SVGA the P3 at power on does an extended checksum check lasting 20 seconds or more.  I don't ever remember the P3 doing this for this long.  Anybody else notice this P3 checksum at startup?  If  this is not normal what could be the cause?
Dale, K9VUJ

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