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Keith_WE6R <keithtrinity@...>

Usually ERR TXF is from attempting to do FM with no FM filter. (or the filters are not setup correctly).
If you don't have a FM filter installed, just set config menu "FM MODE" to off.
If you have one, make sure ALL your filters are setup correctly using the K3 Utility. You must have a 2.7 with offset, or 2.8 with no offset,  set for TX for all modes except AM/FM.

If you have an AM and or FM filter, set them for LSB and USB receive, then use "TX ESSB" for wideband TX/RX (crank WIDTH full wide). See manual.

** A very handy feature, kinda hidden, is to go into the config menu, any FLxxx menu (except FLTX xx),  then Tap XFIL(6) and you can toggle the -receive- thru *ALL* filter slots, even empty ones!!
This is good to see if you have a filter installed that is not setup. (TX filter does not change).
Keith WE6R Elecraft K3/K4 Tech

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