Re: K3 question

Henk PA0C

Hi Israel,,

The K3 assembly manual states the following:

Turn to the Crystal Filter Installation and Setup section of your Owner’s Manual and perform the following
procedures. If you have installed standard Elecraft 5-pole filter(s) you will need the FREQ OFFSET data you
recorded earlier on page 14.
 Filter Bandwidth Setup
 Filter Center Frequency Setup
 Receive Filter Enables
 Filter Loss Compensation
 Transmit Filter Selection

The transmit filter selection setup requires that you select a valid transmit filter for each
mode. If you fail to do so, you will see ERR TXF and have no RF output when you attempt
to transmit.

73 Henk PA0C


From: <> on behalf of Israel Banini via <ikbanini@...>
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Subject: [Elecraft-K3] K3 question
My K3 and P3 was working fine until the K3 starred showing "ERR TFX" I tried search the internet and one place shows it is caused from using the wrong filter for the mode. Another place referenced it being a software error. Can some please help me with this error?


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