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On Wed, Jul 28, 2021 at 02:09 PM, Israel Banini wrote:
My K3 and P3 was working fine until the K3 starred showing "ERR TFX" I tried search the internet and one place shows it is caused from using the wrong filter for the mode. Another place referenced it being a software error. Can some please help me with this error?


That error is noted in my K3 Owner's Manual on Page 70.

ERR TXF (not tfx)  Invalid transmit crystal filter bandwidth
The crystal filter selected for TX (with CONFIG: FLTX) is either too narrow or too wide. You must specify a filter that is 2.7 or 2.8 kHz wide for CW/DATA/SSB, 5 kHz for AM and 13.0 kHz for FM.

I suggest using the K3 Utility to check the settings of your installed filters.  Fred Cady's User Guide for the K3 & P3 (3rd Edition) has a good write-up on the K3 Utility and filter setup starting on Page 24.
73  -  KI5IO - Nolan K.

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