Re: KPA500 "bypassed" when off?

Ken WR7D

Thanks. I thought the KAT500 manual said 7 watts. Is 20 watts a more practical, field tested power? I know the short document that talks about integrating the K3S/KPA500/KAT500 says to set the K3S to 25 watts when training the KAT500. I guess it doesn’t really matter in my case. If I want to go below 20 watts, I would probably just use the KX3.









Reminder, the KAT500 need about 20w or little more for a good tune. de K8NS

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That is true. The K3(S) will display its own output power. Unlike the KXPA100, of course, the KPA(1)500 has it's own display.



Scott K9MA




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Thanks. I was going to ask this question also, but forgot. It doesn't look like the K3S will display the power level from the KPA500 like the KXPA100 and KX3 combo does. Is that correct?



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