Do you have an Elecraft radio??

Paul Van Dyke

Sunday  Sunday  Sunday
Not a race track , Just get to know others with Elecraft radios or see if you can get in.

Hey the K4 crew, we are waiting for you!!

 The SSB Elecraft Nets
   20 Meter SSB Elecraft Net
   Sunday  14.3035 +/- kHz at 1800Z

   40 Meter SSB Elecraft Net
   Sunday  7.280 kHz at 18:45z

     80 Meter SSB Elecraft Net
   Sunday Night/Monday morning
      3.775+/- at 01:00z   
   The CW Elecraft Nets
    Kevin, KD5ONS does a great job on this
 14050 kHz at 2200z Sunday (3 PM PDT Sunday)
   7047 kHz at 0000z Monday (5 PM PDT Sunday)

   Please take note of the time .. adapt your time from there
      depending where you are!

See you on the Net

Paul Van Dyke -KB9AVO

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