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KE1F Lou

Thank you for your input.

I have a DX Patrol SDR receiver, perhaps I can use it with my K3 IF out.

I will try it after the IARU contest.

73, Lou KE1F

On 7/10/2021 14:40, Rick Tavan wrote:
Yes, N1MM Spectrum Display is a very useful tool. It's not as pretty or tunable as the P3 but it's smarter, displaying spots and allowing click to QSY. You can click a call sign, a "handle," or anywhere. The "handles" are red squares below spectrum peaks that QSY you to zero-beat. You can size and position SD anywhere to fit your window layout (large or dual monitors very helpful). SD can also be set up to operate remotely by running a stripped-down instance of N1MM at the radio site that relays spectrum and waterfall to the control site where the logging instance of N1MM runs. The SD window at the control site is identical to what it would be locally. This is all way beyond what you can do with a P3 (although I think some people did engineer a way to relay P3SVGA data. Don't know much about that.) 

There are many ways to set up N1MM SD, using I/Q data from some few transceiver types or a RX ANT loop or IF output feeding an external SDR. I use an Airspy HF+ in the RX ANT loop which works very well for me. YMMV.


/Rick N6XI


Rick Tavan
Truckee and Saratoga, CA

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