K3/K3s Options Order


The original message about the 'last run' for certain options/modules indicated that the parts, etc. would be ordered approximately in April (give or take). The message went on to say that parts, kits, modules would tentatively ship toward the end of July (give or take).

I sent a message over to Elecraft just asking about potential dates as my order was placed a day or two after the 'last run' message came out. The answer I got was/is a tad frustrating in that it appears that no parts orders have been placed and won't be placed until the new "last day to order" closes on 07/15/2021.

Definitely not what I was expecting nor wanting to hear/read.

So now the ~10-week part procurement clock will begin ticking shortly after the 15th of July (I hope) and the tentative kit, module, parts delivery date is now somewhere near October/November.

I love my K3 & P3 and I'm committed to Elecraft and their great support. I'm also retired and on a fixed income so just don't have options at the drop of a hat to change rigs, etc., etc..

Just frustrated and disappointed with the news I got today.

Of course ... this does not even compare to what many OMs have been and are going through with respect to their K4 orders.

This Options Order will work itself out, but it is frustrating.

73 - Nolan K.

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