Re: K3 and selecting DVR messages with the KPOD

Dennis Moore

I have DVR messages saved into M1-M4 on the K3, pressing F1 plays M1, F2 plays M2, etc. Really no setup required, it just works.

From the KPod manual:

Store the macros you wish to launch from the K-Pod in memory locations 1 through 16 on your K3S/K3
using the K3 Utility program as follows:
-Be sure you have K3 Utility Program rev. or later installed on your personal computer
(older versions will not allow you to store macros 9-16).
-Connect your K3S or K3 to your personal computer and run the K3 Utility Program.
-Click on the Command Tester/K3 Macros tab.
-In the window that pops up, click on the Edit Macros button
-Enter the macros and macro labels in the spaces provided. Note that your macro label cannot
exceed seven characters including spaces.
-Click on Write to K3 to store the macros in the K3.
Macros are launched at the K-Pod using tap and hold presses of switches F1 through F8 just as you tap
and hold front panel switches on your K3S/K3:
-Holding switches F1 through F8 for 1/2 second or more launches K3S/K3 macros 1 through 8.
-Tapping switches F1 through F8 (holding for less than 1/2 second) launches K3S/K3 macros 9
through 16.

Hope this helps.

73, Dennis NJ6G

On 7/7/2021 09:49, Tom Kruczek wrote:
Hello.  I have the KDVR3 installed on my K3 and was just looking at macro settings for the KPOD to play back prerecorded TX messages.  I don't see anything to trigger a recorded message for TX using the KPOD.  If anyone has a sample, please post it here. It may not be available from what I can tell in searching the manuals.  Hopefully I missed it.

Tom / W1TXT

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