Re: Intermittent data input issue


I don't know a BNC connector on the K3 that is in an audio path. But banging on the case restoring the signal path is something I have experience with.

Yes, could be connectors inside the K3. Famous are the tmp cables/connectors and so are the pins between frontpanel and main RF board. Also the 20A path to the PA, KAT3 tuner connectorpins etc. I think I had some more examples in the past. But K3 #12xx still doing great job. In some cases the connectorpins were replaced bij goldplated ones, but good cleaning gives the K3 another 6 years of good operation mostly.
Anyway, take the K3 apart, do some really good cleaning on connectors.   And then try again.


Arie PA3A

Op 3-7-2021 om 16:15 schreef Mike Eccles:

I have a K3, serial no. 4315, that has started showing a data input problem. All looks OK but sometimes audio data on the data input BNC connector is not being detected. Microphone input is always OK. A hefty “thump” on the case usually fixes the problem!

Could this be a sign of internal board connector/pins intermittent contact? Has anyone else seen this type of issue on an older K3? Anything I should be looking for when I remove the case?

Any help would be much appreciated.


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