Re: K3 with WSJT-X - no power output

Rick NK7I

Try a complete power down, unplugged from all sources, for at least a minute (to let the mother board COMPLETELY lose power, except the RTC/EPROM battery), then reboot.  Some hardware (USB in particular) tends to occasionally get a stuck 'bit' (or something) and losing ALL power (battery too if laptop) sometimes fixes things.

If not, then order as you need.

Rick NK7I

On 6/28/2021 7:58 PM, Dan Roberts wrote:

I had an apparent failure of the audio input section of the motherboard in my home brew Windows 10 based desktop computer just a couple of days before the recent Field Day.  No indication of FT8 audio on the audio level indicator and nothing decoding.  It had been working two days earlier.  Plugging a pair of headphones into the Line Output jack on my K3 showed I had plenty of audio going to the computer. No amount of messing around with computer programming would make it play.  I’m certain the failure was hardware related. The mother board was at least 6 years old. 


As I was in a hurry, I ordered a $10 USB to audio dongle from and got it the next day.  I selected the DuKabel P8 USB Cable.  There are many similarly priced alternates with minor differences.  Plugged it into the computer and 10 minutes later, I was on the air with FT8.  No pain, no strain!  Not an elegant solution, but significantly easier than adding a new audio card to the computer, replacing the otherwise adequate mother board, or attempting to repair its audio input section.


Dan – K9DR


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