Re: Hand Tools Redux

Chuck Hill K0MV

Getting good tools is a continuing search.  A couple of websites to check out are:

Most of the ones I have are from estate sales (otherwise they can be expensive).

Good Luck and 73,

Chuck K0MV

On 6/20/21 1:44 PM, Ian Kahn wrote:

I know I asked this question once before, and got a full slate of great answers. However, the ether seems to have eaten the thread.

I have the following projects all on-deck in my shack:

- Newly arrived (in the last two weeks) K2 kit waiting to be built
- K3S upgrade parts coming for my very old (s/n 261) K3
- K4D kit (as soon as they become available to order)

I need to replace my small hand tools for all these projects (things like #0 and #1 Philips head screwdrivers, sets of various types of pliers, hemostats, etc.). I know I need to get decent quality tools (not the Home Depot bargain bin stuff) to do these jobs safely and correctly. I just don't do enough of this type of work to know what manufacturers make good quality tools. Can anyone on this group make recommendations?

Thanks and 73,

Ian, NV4C

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