Re: To much output power?

Russ Tobolic

No anguish here over 0.7dB.  It's just that when I first set up my K3 13 years ago using the same LP100, the power readings between the two only differed by a few tenths of a watt (the LP100 was calibrated by Larry, N8LP).  I wished I had done a survey of K3 and LP100 users for differences in power readings but the deed is done and it looks like I may have fixed something that wasn't broke.  I was just keying off the suggestion by WE6R that early units (like mine from 2008) had weak diodes D36 & D37.  But I'm past that now.  The issue I have is that when running the TX Gain calibration it fails at 20M.  I get the ERR TXG message which my owners manual "indicates a problem with band-pass filter alignment or one of the low-pass filters.  In either case it could affect on or two bands.   See service manual."  I didn't know there was a "service" manual.  

Russ, N3CO

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