Re: K3 for POTA

Bill Maddock

I’ve used a 100 amp hour battery for about 12 hours on Field day without any issues and charged it back up when I got home - no problem typically dropped to 12.2 volts at end. I would typically make around 400 cw contacts in that time at 100 watts!

73 de Bill WW5M 

This year I have 3 deep cycle batteries I will use for FD. Radio , inverter / power supply and laptop will run on it.

On Friday, June 11, 2021, 8:47 AM, Vic Owen - KB7GL <kb7gl@...> wrote:

Mike —
Mike, K8MRD, has run his FT-891 for several hours on SSB with the 20A…it draws about the same current as the K3 in transmit. My one experience with the K3/20A combo was operating for about 3 hours. The battery was only down about 1/2 V. I’m guessing I should get several hours out of a charge. I’ll pay closer attention to my in-line meter next time to see the total current used.
Vic - KB7GL

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