Re: Low audio drive

Mel Marcus

Something you have probably tried already. Did you set the mike bias ? Some mikes expect that voltage .


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Subject: [Elecraft-K3] Low audio drive
I have moved my remote station and am in the process of reassembling/testing the station at a new site. The configuration of the station has remained the same, except that I swapped a K3/0 mini for a K3/0 (the associated cables were also swapped). All functionality seems to work as before, except the microphone audio drive level is very low. Where the mic gain was typically set around 20, now full mic gain, and H selected in Menu, hardly yields any mic drive.

Here is my configuration:

Microphone: Kenwood MC-43s dynamic mic installed on K3/0 front panel.
Menu settings on K3/0: No bias, High gain*
K3/0 to RemoteRig cables are standard (vs homemade)

The K3 at the remote location is connected through standard (Elecraft) cabling from the RemoteRig to the K3 rear panel as described in the K3/0 manual. Remote K3 Menu is set to RPL.

I’m getting suspicious of the K3/0 mic audio chain. Has anyone noticed differences between the K3/0 and the K3/0 mini microphone paths? The K3/0 mini does have mic and speaker jacks on the front left, but I suspect these are parallel to the phone and 8 pin mic jacks. I used the same microphone on the K3/0 mini via the 8 pin connector at the previous installation with issues.

Of course, the mic could be defective, but I suspect I have a setup issue somewhere causing the low mic drive …. or a misbehaving K3/0.

Dennis, K7FL

* Reference the K3 manual, page 52, the table references a setting for selecting a higher gain option for low output microphones. This is enabled by pressing the 3 button however all I get is a N/A displayed when depressed. No apostrophe appears next to the H to signify the function is enabled. Anyone else see this when Fpl is selected?

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