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Dean LaClair

The receiver was working great, and then all of a sudden it stopped I must a monkied something up. Guess I'll have to load up an older backup that I have, unfortunately I've made a lot of changes since then that I'll lose oh well

I thought I was responding to Bill privately didn't mean to bother everybody on the reflector 73

Dean K2WW

On Tue, Jun 8, 2021, 17:53 Mel Marcus <melm@...> wrote:

I hope i am not repeating what you already know, but if you want to use the second receiver you have to have a second k3s style synch board.


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Hey Bill I have another question for you,
Do you have the second receiver in your K3?
I bought a k3 gently used with the new syn boards and 2nd RX...
I can't seem to get the 2nd RX to work properly. 
I've got something messed up in the settings, when I tap the sub button only one of the receivers works. 
I've read the manual over and over and I still don't see what the issue is. 
It was working fine when I bought the radio but I goofed something up.


On Mon, Jun 7, 2021, 21:31 Bill K9YEQ <k9yeq@...> wrote:

Prices have risen since then.  Parts,availability are all the new norm….  Not to mention…





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I bought my used k3 last fall. It has the synth and USB from the k3s. It also has an atu, transverter outputs and all 5 filters populated. I paid 1500.


On Mon, Jun 7, 2021, 21:00 Richard Lawn <rjlawn@...> wrote:

I have an early production (#6xx) that has be upgraded with many S features except the new synthesizer. It is the 100 watt model with ATU, USB upgrade etc. 

I also have a P3 with the external VGA card.

im thinking of selling them and have no idea what is a fair price.

Rick, W2JAZ 

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