Re: K3, P3 & an SPE amp.

john ni0k

I talked to Bob Hardie about this very situation. He said in no uncertain terms DO NOT USE ALC WITH A K3. This is due to Elecraft's implementation of ALC.

I don't use ALC with my K3/2K and set the K3 output power appropriately.

-de John NI0K rural Debs, MN

Michael Kopec via wrote on 6/5/2021 8:51 AM:

Hello Tim; I also wonder how well the K3 ALC input from the SPE amplifier responds. ie, The SPE manual says to rum full exciter power to the amplifier input and the ALC will adjust accordingly. Elecraft says not to rely on the ALC to reduce K3 power output to the amplifier. I also have a recently acquired SPE amplifier as well ,and a KPA500 currently connected, but have not used the SPE with my K3s. de Mike K8NS
On Saturday, June 5, 2021, 08:03:32 AM EDT, Martin Sole <hs0zed@...> wrote:

What about the RS232 pass through on the P3?
If you don't have a PC connected to the K3/P3 that would seem the simplest solution.

On 5/6/64 07:34, Tim Jones wrote:
Hello everyone on list.

I recently purchased a K3 along with a P3. Working beautifully. 

I also have an SPE amp (2k-fa) which I have connected to my other radio, a Flex 6400M.

I am wondering if someone can point me in the right direction as to how to hook the SPE up to the K3?

The RS232 on the rear of the radio is already hooked up to the rs232 port on the P3, is there an adapter I need to purchase to 'split' the rs232 port or has anyone got a diagram handy to make up a cable to do the same thing?

Apologies in advance, bit of a learning curve for me and no doubt I will have some more mundane questions from time to time.

Thanks in advance and 73.

Tim, VK6EI

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