Re: Support

Eric Swartz - WA6HHQ, Elecraft

Hi Paul,

I apologize for the support problem you are encountering This is really odd, as we are not backlogged multiple months on cs mails.  We have had response delays of several weeks on occasion due to a huge surge in questions and support emails received during the covid crisis and we are working hard to get that down. (We've also seen much stronger sales than we expected. I guess more hams are at home and are increasing their operating time!) Its also possible your email is getting incorrectly caught in a spam filter on this end. 

And as a general note we are definitely continuing our support for the K3 and K3S. 

Can you email me, at my address below, the email address you are sending to for your support requests? 
Also send me a copy of your support request email and I'll make sure it gets to our support team.

73,   Eric WA6HHQ

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