Re: K3 and end fed wire

Jim Brown

On 5/18/2021 1:42 PM, K9MA wrote:
I know they're not popular, but I recommend an external tuner located at the end of the wire. The only exception might be if the coax is short and the wire is NOT a multiple of a half wave. I
Um, he said he was running a few feet of coax.

I don't see the need for coax unless it is used to insert a common mode choke, but I DO see the STRONG need for a counterpoise. That can be anything from radials to one or more wires placed where you can. In general, more and longer is better. They should be connected to the radio's chassis.

BTW -- this is antenna fundamentals, has NOTHING to do with the radio, except that a tuner may be required to match it.

A convenient way to do this is with a BNC to Pomona adapter -- that is, BNC to a red/black pair of female bananas jacks. Pomona part #1296. Google "pomona 1296" to see a photo.

73, Jim K9YC

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