Re: K3 and end fed wire


Thanks for the responses. For clarification I can get by with an antenna that will work 10m-40m.  Unfortunately the place I will be setting up the radio and antenna has few trees which limits the options, especially the length of the antenna. Why? The priority for this Field Day site is to be an accessible public location that hopefully many people will visit and be encouraged to become amateur radio operators.

All of the antenna suggestions will be considered, if not for this coming Field Day then later on.

FYI I live in an HOA and my antenna is a vertical wire cut for 20 meters and in a tree, with 16 ground stapled radials. I have a great SWR from 40m to 15m. So, I am confident I can find an antenna that will work for Field Day. And at my QTH I like to use the K3 for PSK31 at 30 Watts.

John N0UQC

John N0UQC

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