Re: K3 and end fed wire

Dennis Moore

How are you transitioning from the coax to the end fed?

If the antenna is connected directly to the jack on the K3 then the counterpoise would be necessity be connected to the chassis at some point. But if you're running a length of coax out to the antenna and using some sort of unun, connect the counterpoise at that unun and use some type of choke on the coax to keep RF off the shield.

When I'm using an end-fed antenna placed away from the rig, I use the HF matchbox found here: connected directly to an ugly balun. With this setup I've worked as far as Thailand, Spain, Fiji, New Zealand from California. Easily handles 100 watts.

73, Dennis NJ6G

On 5/18/2021 09:11, JOHN MCBRIDE wrote:
I am considering using my K3 on Field Day with an end fed wire. I have studied the information from Wayne N6KR as well as looked at other information on this topic on line. I am wondering about a transmission line from the ATU (RG8 or other) on the K3 to connect to the end fed wire several feet away. But the recommendation is for the counterpoise to be connected to the ground on the K3. Do I need to run a separate counterpoise wire from the K3 or can the counterpoise be connected to the braid/shield of the transmission line? Any and all responses will be helpful. Thanks!
John N0UQC

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