***FS: Elecraft K3S-Twin remote system, inc K3S with Tuner*** #forsale #remoterig

Graham Alston

The Elecraft K3S Twin Remote system provides a highly flexible means for controlling the K3S transceiver in the next room via a LAN, or across the country via the internet. 


It provides a control head unit that is exactly the same as the front panel of the K3S. It enables 100% recreation of the remote transceiver operation at your fingertips.


No modifications to the K3S are required.



Elecraft K3S/100 transceiver with ATU

Elecraft K3S/0-Mini console

2.7KHz CW filter

500Hz CW filter

MH4 Elecraft hand mic

2 x RemoteRig MKII interfaces (local/WiFi + remote)

K3S Manual

All cable sets for local and remote units

Plug pack power supplies for control console and RemoteRig interfaces


I’ve used the this system on my remote station, and it has proven extremely reliable over mobile data link. I have used FT8, RTTY, phone, CW with absolutely no problems. Of course you could also use this system to “remote” your home station, allowing you to access it from anywhere.


The only reason for selling is that I have changed to Flex radios now that the mobile phone tower at the remote site has been upgraded to 4G and I can run greater bandwidth with lower latency.


This is your chance to build a remote station and still experience the pleasure of operating the rig as if you were in front of it. It really is identical! I use a small case which contains the control head, mic, and RemoteRig interface which I take overseas on holidays. I’ve operated from all over the world “remoteing” back to my remote station using the Twin system.


Everything is is perfect condition with no marks or scratches.

Purchased new in 2018. Single owner. I have the original receipts if required.


See here how it works:



Happy to do Zoom or FaceTime to show equipment in operation.


Includes postage from VK. Insurance extra $200.

Sell for $4300.


Graham VK3GA (email is good on qrz.com)

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