Re: Lets see if we can meet on 3.775 75/80 Elecraft Net

Mel Farrer, K6KBE <farrermesa@...>

3775 is a good channel that time of night on the west coast.

Mel, K6KBE 

On Sun, May 9, 2021 at 10:08 AM Bruce Prior <n7rr@...> wrote:
Yes, let's give 3.775 MHz a try. That's 1800 PDT or 2100 EDT this evening.

BTW, using the speed of light c = 299.792 458 Mm/s, the wavelength of 3.775 MHz is 79.415 m. Here are some typical wavelengths within the band:
bottom of the band: 3.5 MHz: 85.655 m
ITU Zone 2 band midpoint: 3.75 MHz: 79.945 m
ITU Zone 2 top of the band: 4 MHz: 74.948 m

Bottom line: We don't need to distinguish between parts of this very large band. 80 m is a good rounded summary of the entire band in Zone 2.

Some other bands tell a different story. We should call 60 m either 56 m for the new international band, or 57 m for the old, messy channelized USA allocation. 40 m should be 42 m. 20 m should be 21 m. 15 m should be 14 m. Do the math and draw your own conclusions.

BTW, I like to give names to stuff:
My KX3 is Triple Kicks. My KX2 is Little Engine. Sorry, my K3 is nameless. It's been left in the dust by the K4, which hasn't yet been shoehorned into my budget. Any suggestions? I've written a review of the Garmin inReach Mini Satellite Communicator <Garmin inReach® Mini | Hiking GPS | Satellite Communicator> for QST. I don't know in which issue it will appear. My Mini is called Red Giant! <Red giant - Wikipedia> Margaret K7MWP hasn't named her black Mini yet.

Bruce Prior N7RR 


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