Re: TX suddenly stopped working using WSJT-X

Peder Kittelson W7RPK

The question I have is when do we just get back to a simple radio experience?  Do we really want to import all the problems of modern computers into our radio systems?  I spent many years in the computer business as a tech installing and fixing computers and the networks/businesses they served.  Or at least they were supposed to serve them.  I will not go back to that constant set of ongoing, mysterious, gotta fix it properly right away problems.

One year ago I decided to seriously learn CW.  I successfully had tried FT8 for a while but longed for a simple carrier wave going out the back of my transceiver to an antenna that can be a lot of fun.  In the midst of common problems with working computer/transceiver interactions do you ever long for a return to simple radio?  It is still available to all of us.

By the way, I think you are all great to help people resolve these complex, multi-step issues.  For me, at least for now, my K3s is just humming along.  Not that I would never need help, you guys are the best.



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