KX3 Remote control using RemoteRig

Ken WR7D

I haven't found much information on this subject. Most things I've found deal with using the KX3 to control a remote K3(S).

I would like to remotely control a KX3 and still have good CW performance using a straight key. The RemoteRig boxes seem to "solve" the CW problem. I would use software on the control side since there isn't a "control head" for the KX3. The manual does mention the ability for a KX3 to control another KX3, but that is listed as experimental. Not sure how much else has been done with it. A panadapter on the control side would be nice as well, but not a necessity.

I found a utility form Pignology that uses an image of the KX3 that would be great, but it's not being sold anymore. Win4K3Suite seems to be a good option, but the controls are not laid out like the actual KX3.

I know I'll need to build a cable to connect the KX3 to the remote side RemoteRig box. I guess I could use the KXSER cable, but would need a gender bender. I'm also wondering if the I/Q signal could be passed over one channel of the RemoteRig and then decoded at the control side for a panadapter.

Anyone done something like this or have any ideas?


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