Re: K3 power adjustment

Chuck Hill K0MV


I'm just getting setup for FT8 with my K3s. The explanation W3FPR gives
is really clear and understandable.
Thanks for the tip.

Chuck K0MV

Yes but the information in the WSJT-X manual IS INCORRECT as applied to
Elecraft radios.

Go to: and scroll down the left side of the page
to "Setup Elecraft radios for Data Modes".    This is absolutely
and everything else you may read or hear is most assuredly....... wrong.


Bob, K4TAX

 4/24/2021 10:19 AM, Bill Mader wrote:
 The WSJT-X manual points out the TX audio should barely move the ALC
reading, preferably just below ALC action.  This is the point where
reducing TX audio begins to lower RF output power.

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