K3S/P3 and K3/0-Mini set up

Ken WR7D

I've read through everything I can find and I think I've just confused myself.

I recently acquired a K3S and even more recently acquired a K3/0-Mini. My plan is to use the K3/0-Mini in my house to connect to the K3S in the shop via the local LAN/Wifi network. I also received the RemoteRig set with the K3/0-Mini. It seems like the best option is to use both boxes to accomplish this. I know that the K30-Mini has a USB connection, but it appears that requires software on the control site computer to get it to work if the RemoteRig box isn't used.

If I do use the control site RemoteRig box, can I still connect the K3/0-Mini to the computer for logging? Can I still connect the P3 to the K3S (perhaps through the RemoteRig box) so that's still available when operating the K3S locally? A panadapter would be nice at the control site. It looks like the Win4K3Suite might be able to accomplish this, but not sure if using the RemoteRig boxes. It looks like there are Wifi add-on modules for the RemoteRig boxes so that would allow a Wifi connection that would solve the lack of regular Ethernet connections.

Any suggestions on the best way to get this all working? It just seems like a lot of effort and expense to get the Remote control working.


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