Re: Why is my K3 off frequency?

Bob Novas

Lessee what's happening. Oh, it's April 1 is it? Hmmm....

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Hi Charles,

Having a NCS, (Net Control Station), worry about stations being 12 Hz off, and complaining they have to use RIT is, shall we say, at best anal retentive, having others join in, and agree, probably means you misunderstood what the NCS indicated as the frequency amount you were off, or you have a net full of folks that worry too much.

Could it be you misunderstood the Net Control, and he indicated 120 Hz, or 1.2 KHz low?

A good way to perform a rough check on this is to do the following:

0. Hit CLR below RIT/XIT.
1. Turn off RIT/XIT and hit CLR below both.
2. Tune to 5.000000 MHz.
3. Wait to hear the idle tone WWV puts out.
4. Go between USB and LSB
5. If they sound the same you are very close to being on frequency.
6. Goto 2 above, but change to 10.000000 MHz.
7. Goto 2 above, but change to 15.000000 MHz.
8. Goto 2 above, but change to 20.000000 MHz.

In all cases you should hear very little change. If you hear no change offset one of the frequencies above to: 5.000012, and switch between both sidebands, that will show you what it sounds like when you are off frequency.

If you discover your rig is off frequency, there is a procedure for fixing this in one of the Elecraft K3 manuals.

73, and thanks,
Dave (NK7Z)
ARRL Volunteer Examiner
ARRL Technical Specialist, RFI
ARRL Asst. Director, NW Division, Technical Resources

On 3/23/21 3:20 AM, Charles N2SO wrote:
Last night my local ham club scheduled their first ever 6Meter Net and
Roundtable for 50.135Mz. I operate USB very rarely, preferring CW for
all of my Contesting and DX work. Last night the net control station
advised me that I was 12Hz too high and that he had to use his RIT
control to tune to me. When I turned on my XIT and transmitted down
12Hz I was right on his frequency. This was confirmed by other callers
as well. I have also heard this problem mentioned in the past when
checking into occasional 75M nets. Is there an adjustment that I can
or should make aside from using my XIT?
Thanks for any assistance you can provide.

73, Charles N2SO

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