Re: P3 issue

Clay Autery

It's an issue with the signal between the transceiver and the P3...

Check the cable connections at the radio and the P3.
Verify the cable is good.... continuity on center, continuity on shield, no continuity from center to shield on both ends (one end is enough; it a personal thing).
Check which port is connected at the P3...  switch ports and/or make sure the pass-through switch (??) forget actual name of switch is in right position.

If it is NONE of those things, then there might be something wrong internally.

Clay Autery, KY5G
(318) 518-1389
On 03/18/21 09:23, va3jmk@... wrote:

My P3 is not displaying the frequency at the top center. I have been playing with it but seam to find out why or how to display it.  It only shows 0.

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