Re: K3S Power Down

Rick NK7I


I have not done this; but use a special Y cable on my K3 so the SteppIR controller can copy the frequency of the radio (which is connected to a computer).  So it should be possible.  (The SteppIR controller has two ports, one to the computer, one from the radio; so no computer is required for the SteppIR to track with the radio and adjust as needed.)

Note that I said only the data FROM the Arduino, not a two way conversations.  All devices would have to be at the same bit rate, the K3S would not be allowed to send data to the Arduino (on the same serial port).

There are a lot of variables to consider and much of it is beyond what I've done.

If you are using the USB port on the K3S, perhaps there is a way to share it with both the RemoteHam and the Arduino?  Have the Arduino talk to the computer running RemoteHam to cause a macro ("PS0;") to be sent?

Rick NK7I

On 3/3/2021 8:00 AM, Michael Foerster wrote:

I've been wondering about that, sharing the serial port.  On my LDMOS amp project (uses an Arduino Mega, 4 Serial Ports).  I'm wondering how I could share ports, if I would just parallel them?  I've also considered putting in a relay where every time the Arduino wanted to talk to the K3, that it would first open the relay to disconnect it from the rest of the system.

Have you don this before?
   I'd like to take this conversation off-line if you do have some experience with it. 

Mike, W0IH

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