K3S Power Down

Michael Foerster

I have a K3s that I use with an Arduino to allow me to run remotely using RemoteHams.com.
  The Arduino pulls the Pin 8 of the 15 pin connector.  There is also a timeout timer so that if case I loose comms with it when I'm remote, I know that it will shut off the rig by turning off the AC/Power Supply after so many hours.

Problem is, when it does shut off by dropping the 13.8 VDC, it can corrupt the memory in the K3s, it's happened several times.

Is there any other way that the Arduino can shut off the K3s (toggle the pin 8 again???).
   I know that you can shut off the K3 through the serial port using the "PS0" command, but in my case, that's not a viable option.

Any other way to SAFELY turn off the K3?

Mike, W0IH

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