Re: K3 setting for WSJT-X

KE1F Lou

Yes I do.

Sound card mHam Keyer II.


On 3/1/2021 8:49 PM, Bob Hallock wrote:
Some thoughts,
Do you have the upgraded  KIO3B?  What is your sound card?
Bob K7TM

On Mon, Mar 1, 2021 at 4:41 PM Joe Subich, W4TV <lists@...> wrote:

 > K3 is in Digi Mode A,

Data_A or AFSK_A?

 > VOX on,

Not applicable.  MK II generates hardware PTT if properly configured.

> What other setting have to be right for proper operation?
Are both Line in and Line out connectors firmly seated?

Is MENU:MIC SEL = Line In?

Have you set the K3 Mic Gain *after* selecting Data Submode = DATA_A
*AND* selecting What other setting MENU:MIC SEL = Line In?

Is Windows Volume Mixer (Headset Earphone (microHAM CODEC)) set to
approximately 80%?

Is microHAM Router -> Audio Switching -> FSK/DIGITAL set to Line Input

Have you followed the "Setting Audio Levels" section of the MK II
Users Manual to confirm that all levels/audio routing is correct?


    ... Joe, W4TV

On 2021-03-01 6:10 PM, KE1F Lou wrote:
> I have a problem with sending FT8, using my K3/KAT500/KAP500.
> The set up receives and decode properly. Keying the K3. But no RF out. I
> have the filters wide open.
> The micro Keyer II and WSJT-X are set up properly. Only settings in
> question is the K3.
> K3 is in Digi Mode A, VOX on, RF 50, AGC slow. What other setting have
> to be right for proper operation?
> 73, Lou KE1F
> Ps: it used to work but the computer bugs decided otherwise.

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