Re: K3 setting for WSJT-X

Dave (NK7Z)

Look at the output of the computer...

If it used to work, (and you made NO changes), then you have it wired correctly, and can assume it still is correct.

If something on your computer changed things, then there may be no audio output from the computer. Perhaps something toasted the audio driver, or changed the levels, or changed outputs, etc...

If you find output on the wire feeding the K3, then make sure the K3 is looking at the right audio port.

This is the process I would use first.

73, and thanks,
Dave (NK7Z)
ARRL Volunteer Examiner
ARRL Technical Specialist, RFI
ARRL Asst. Director, NW Division, Technical Resources

On 3/1/21 3:10 PM, KE1F Lou wrote:
I have a problem with sending FT8, using my K3/KAT500/KAP500.
The set up receives and decode properly. Keying the K3. But no RF out. I have the filters wide open.
The micro Keyer II and WSJT-X are set up properly. Only settings in question is the K3.
K3 is in Digi Mode A, VOX on, RF 50, AGC slow. What other setting have to be right for proper operation?
73, Lou KE1F
Ps: it used to work but the computer bugs decided otherwise.

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