using a K3S with a Q5Signal 144MHz transverter

Bob Novas

I’m contemplating a  144MHz transverter to use with my K3S. Does anyone have experience with these devices?  I’m thinking of buying the 75W version.  Some questions, if you can answer them:


  1. To cover the 144-148MHz band, does the K3S run 28-32MHz?
  2. How is the PTT signal to the transverter supplied? Can it just be plugged into the Key Out jack?
  3. When the manual says: “XVn PWR sets maximum K3S power output for the current transverter band, in two ranges: L .01-L1.27 specifies a power level in milliwatts;” (for the low power range), does that mean .01mW to 1.27mW?
  4. Is the 28MHz IF the right IF?  Is 50MHz – 54MHz better?



Bob – W3DK

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