Temperatures vs. Time

Robert <rdiamant36@...>

Purchased a used K3 (excellent condition), studied the "Owner's Manual" (Revision D10),
installed "K3 Utilities" and updated the firrmware to 05.67 (the latest).
Bellow the Temperatur vs. Time I logged with no transmit intervals and CONFIG: KPA3 = nor(mal):

Time T(amb) T(PA) T(FP) FAN
0 (start) 74.3°F 32°C 27°C no
15 min 74.4°F 33°C 31°C no
30 min 74.6°F 35°C 35°C no
45 min 74.8°F 36°C 36°C no
60 min 75.2°F 35°C 37°C no
75 min 75.2°F 36°C 38°C no
90 min 75.5°F 36°C 38°C no

After this, transmitting a carrier for about 10 seconds with 50 Watts output, the FANs start to run for a short while.
Any comments are appreciated.
73, Robert (W4BCZ)

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