Re: KX3 and utility

Kent AA6P


Thanks for the help.

It would be interesting to know if the FTDI chip had revisions along the way. That would have added a variable. The release notes for the FTDI driver show many revisions so that is another variable.

Windows driver support would likely be another. Lastly, we have the USB implementation on a given PC including hardware and drivers for both USB 2.0 and USB 3.0.

Here is an Elecraft thread with an interesting comment that I quoted below.

"Recently I had to put an adapter labeled as an FTDI product in service. Win 7 did not recognize it even with the proper Win 7 driver. I contacted FTDI Tech Support and found out that the device was in fact a genuine FTDI product but a batch had gone out with a firmware defect that they later corrected in the driver. All it required was to check the appropriate box on the driver properties panel in Win 7. Works like a charm now."

It's not clear if the firmware defect was in the FTDI chip or elsewhere on the adapter. I found a block diagram of the FTDI chip and there is an internal EEPROM. In looking at one of the datasheets, the FTDI chips can work with either internal or external EEPROM.

Quite a few amateurs have had difficulty with the KXUSB interface so I was just trying to list some of the possibilities.

73, Kent

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