Re: FS - K3 / K4 RearPanel Microphone Adapter

Mike Kopacki

Thanks, Andrew. I will probably make one. 

Mike NJ2OM 

On Feb 8, 2021, at 8:19 AM, andrew vavra via <avavra1@...> wrote:


It's been taken.

I made it myself with an inline 8-pin female Foster connector, a 2 conductor TRS plug (for microphone audio & bias), and a RCA plug (for PTT.)

Actually very simple to make following the documentation in the Elecraft manual for the K Line radios (K3, K3S, K4)

It would be compatible across the entire product line, as Elecraft did not change their microphone wiring (front or rear panel) between the K3 series and the K4.

This is the mating connector for the microphone end of the cable if you want to make your own:

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