Re: FS - TelepostInc LP-Pan2 SDR Panadapter interface for Elecraft K3/S #forsale

Graham Alston

Hi Larry,

It’s a great project and well documented on how to set up and configure. A lot of people use a second monitor on their PC to show the Panadapter in  full screen.

I was using it on a K3. I’m selling it as I am also selling the K3. The LP-Pan2 is actually designed for the K3 but can be used on other rigs by changing the internal crystal.

The product is rock solid and can be used a couple of ways. I actually used it more with CWSkimmer to decode CW signals. But most people will want to use it to create their own Panadapter.

The best way I think to configure it is exactly the way they have it here:

I can include the IF cable (blue) and Xonar cable (green) for you.

Once you have set this up, just install the Xonar driver on your PC. Then install NaP3

Then you can enjoy your Panadapter which is up to 192KHz wide. You can also display cluster spots on the display.

73 Graham VK3GA

On 4 Feb 2021, at 3:41 am, Larry <> wrote:

That sounds really interesting Graham.  Did you use this with what radio, a K3?  What is your reason for selling it?  I'm impressed with the documentation but not knowing much and forgetting more i guess what would be the compelling reason to buy the package?  I just don't know what i would be getting into.  What else would be required to get it working with my K3?  Additional cables, etc?

Larry W0OGH

On 2/2/2021 10:37 PM, Graham Alston wrote:

When combined with a PC internal or external sound card and free software (PowerSDR, NaP3 etc), you can use this to create a Panadapter for your K3/S up to 192KHz wide.

Full details on how it works can be found here:

Perfect condition with no marks or scratches.

US$150 which includes postage from VK, tracking, and insurance.

73 Graham VK3GA

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