Re: UPDATE KX3 to laptop

Brian K0DTJ

The Elecraft website has a link to the FTDI driver site.  It's about half way down on this page under dependencies:
The link takes you to this page:

Hope this helps ....

Brian, K0DTJ

On 2/3/2021 12:56, Larry wrote:
I did some more playing around with this thing.  Under "Other devices" i
double clicked on the 232 icon that was showing.  It did something and
now it shows USB serial port.  However the KX3 utility still shows no
com port and when i go look at the USB port properties it tells me
"drivers for this device are not installed", There are no compatiable
drivers for this device, and to find a driver for this device click on
update drivers.  NADA, doesn't find anything across the web.

Over all it tells me that Windows in unable to install your USB driver port.

Apparently that's the reason it won't see the KX3.  the utility runs
fine up to the point it asks for a com port.

Not sure where to go from here but it's not an Elecraft  software
problem.  Other suggestions please email me direct.  Close this topic
and thanks for the patience from all.

Larry W0OGH

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