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Under other devices it shows a FT@#@R USB UART.  Scanning for hardware changes is quick with nothing being returned as having been found. 

Same thing when i scan for hardware changes  with a right click on the laptop name. 

When i plug the radio in to the only available USB port, only have two and one is for the wireless internet connection, the computer sees the connection.  Doesn't matter what i plug into that port it gives me the little tones saying i see that.  But i don't see anything else whether looking at USB ports, other devices etc. 

If i go to one of the WEBsdr sites i have plenty of audio and a good screen display.  If i go listen to music at SiriusXM i have good audio.  Just nothing from the KX3 and no indication that i have a connection with the radio.  Elecraft Tech support, have any ideas?

Can't make the utility program run without being able to see a com port.  Maybe there is something with this version of WIN 10?  Do other users of WIN 10 see com ports?    I am stumped.

Larry W0OGH

On 2/1/2021 5:51 PM, Bob - KA9MDP wrote:
Is anything listed under "Other Devices"?

With the USB cable plugged in -- right-click on the name of your computer (at the top) in Device Mangler then select "Scan for hardware changes".

On Mon, Feb 1, 2021 at 4:00 PM Larry <> wrote:
I looked in there.  There is nothing shown indicating any sort of com port. NADA Plugging the usb cable in and removing it, I see nothing change.

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Use the Win device manager to see if it creates a comm port. Plug and unplug the usb cable to see if it comes and goes. Make sure port speeds are set the same between the computer and the utility. GL! de K0DTJ

> On Feb 1, 2021, at 10:15, Larry <> wrote:
> I downloaded the KX3 utility into my laptop this morning.  It's a WIN 10
> system.
> I also have the KXUSB cable that came with the KX3 when i bought it 2
> years ago.  After downloading the utility program i rebooted the
> computer, just in case.  Plugging the cable into the USB port and ACC1
> on the radio then running the utility.  The program comes up ok, or at
> least it seems to.  however when i go to select a com port, nothing
> shows up.  The radio is operating properly as i can tell.  What do i
> need to do to get a com port to show up?  Or do i get one at all with
> the USB cable?  Won't connect until i put or get something in that box.
> What do i do next?
> Larry W0OGH

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