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Maybe the attachment will help Mike.


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Sent: Wednesday, February 3, 2021 9:46 AM
Subject: Re: [Elecraft-K3] MIC bias settings


I have no idea if this Heil headset has an electret or dynamic mic. Is there a way to determine that?  I don’t want to take a chance of messing up the rig. Maybe it would show up when using the MONITOR function to listen to see how I sound?


Mike NJ2OM 

On Feb 3, 2021, at 10:07 AM, Everett N4CY via <everettsharp@...> wrote:

 You can go into configure and turn the mic bias on, or off..


Everett N4CY

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On Wednesday, February 3, 2021, 9:00 AM, RON - WA2EIO <wa2eio@...> wrote:

I think that Elecraft sends the bias voltage on the mic's audio line, so if a dynamic mic is used, then it will have voltage applied to it, which is NOT good for it!   

Some rigs have a separate bias voltage line on their multi-pin mic connector to supply bias to those mics that need it; those that don't will not have any connection to that pin on the connector.

Ron    WA2EIO

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