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Bob - KA9MDP

I just helped a friend work through this one yesterday.

Open the Device Manager on your Win 10 system. Make sure you are launching the application with an account that has Administrator rights. Is there a triangle with a yellow exclamation under Other Devices? If so...
  1. Right-click on it
  2. Select Update Driver
  3. Select Search automatically for drivers
  4. Select Search for updated drivers on Windows Update
  5. Select View optional updates
  6. Select Driver updates
  7. Locate the driver for your cable (might have FTDI in the title)
  8. Select the check box next to the driver you want to install
  9. Select Download and Install
Once that process is complete, go back to the Device Manager. Has your driver updated and your cable connection is now listed under Ports (COM & LPT)? If so, the COM port will be listed there. 

If that process did not resolve the driver issue, go back to your Windows Update page in Settings, select Check for updates, then run through the process again starting at step 5.

73 de Bob | KA9MDP

On Mon, Feb 1, 2021 at 10:15 AM Larry <> wrote:
I downloaded the KX3 utility into my laptop this morning.  It's a WIN 10

I also have the KXUSB cable that came with the KX3 when i bought it 2
years ago.  After downloading the utility program i rebooted the
computer, just in case.  Plugging the cable into the USB port and ACC1
on the radio then running the utility.  The program comes up ok, or at
least it seems to.  however when i go to select a com port, nothing
shows up.  The radio is operating properly as i can tell.  What do i
need to do to get a com port to show up?  Or do i get one at all with
the USB cable?  Won't connect until i put or get something in that box.

What do i do next?

Larry W0OGH

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