Re: KX3 audio

Wes Stewart


First, you should not need an external sound card.  If you go into Control Panel and select Sound, you will have a Playback and Recording Tabs.  These should be where you point WSJT-X in setup. Also turn off Windows Sounds while you are there.

You need to set the KX3 to ASFK A mode per the manual on Page 18.

You will need a cable(s) to connect the Phones and Mic on the KX3 to the (what is probably a Headset) combo Mic/Headphone jack on the laptop.

This should get you going.

On Sat, Jan 30, 2021 at 08:44 AM, Larry wrote:
I bought a new H-P Win 10 laptop to use with my KX3 using FT8/FT4/etc. 
I have the USB cable that is supposed

to work with it however i think i'm beginning to see that it is not for
use with WSJT or similar programs.  Is it only for data transfers like
updating your config files in the kX3?

I tried taking the audio from the headphone jack and running it to the
laptop jack marked for headset.  NOthing is showing up in any of my
laptop programs like WSJTX, Voicemeeter banana, MMTTY, FLdigi etc.

I'm lost.  There is no USB CODEC listed anyplace in the laptop. Is that
a necessity?  I know there is one in my main station for use with the K3
and i can enable or disable it easily.  Is there some other way to get
audio from the KX3 into the laptop?

Sumtin aint rite?

Larry W0OGH

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