Re: Stupid question #368k

Art Burke <aburkefl@...>

Yes, the RIT *does* funtion when using RTTY!

Art - N4PJ

--- In Elecraft_K3@..., "larry_k1uo" <lfe73@...> wrote: I have your attention...I am a newer than newbie when
RTTY. I played in the CQWPX test this past weekend and every once
in a
while a station I called on their frequency would answer me off
frequency. I was using N1MM with MMTTY and could not figure how
to get
him in without changing my XMIT freq again.

Does the K3's RIT function suppose to work with the DATA modes?
BTW it was a gas playing in the test...50 yrs as a Ham and first
RTTY Countries!

Larry K1UO

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