Re: Elecraft K3/0 (Original) and Remote Rig interface units for sale #forsale #k3/0 #forsale #remoterig

Svante Nordenstroem

On 2020-12-01 01:32, George Zafiropoulos wrote:
I have a beautiful Elecraft K3/0 remote unit and Remote Rig units for sale.
These were purchased several years ago, put in a box, and never used.  They are in pretty much new condition.
I have no need for them and would like to sell them.
This is the original K0 in the same chassis box as the K3, not the K0 Mini. 
The Remote Rig devices come with the Elecraft cable set.  
Everything should be working fine but I have not tested any of it.
Does anyone know what these things should be going for these days?


Interested, what are you asking for it? I can do shipping to Maryland, if the price is acceptable.





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