Re: Repair KI03B on K3S (GOOD NEWS)

Everett N4CY

Hi Eric,

I do greatly appreciate you stepping in and getting this back on track. I have been a big fan of Elecraft and like your model. I have had one K3, which was sold and 3 K3S, two if which have been sold because I have a K4 on order. I was hoping the K4 would have been here by now, then there would not have been such a worry about getting my last K3S working.  

This darn COVID-19 virus thing has everybody tied up in knots and has caused enormous problems for everyone. I am 77 and soon to be 78, so I have had to pretty much stay at home. Now with the holidays just around the corner I can’t even be with my grandchildren. This year can’t end soon enough..

Best Regards and Stay Safe.

Everett N4CY

On Nov 20, 2020, at 6:35 PM, Eric Swartz - WA6HHQ, Elecraft <wa6hhq_lists@...> wrote:

Hi Everett,

I apologize for the delay on this. This was -way- too long.

Due to COVID restrictions most of our sales and customer support teams are working from home, along with our engineers. This has caused occasional mis-communications between the outside and inside groups, along with some unavoidable delays.  I stepped in personally to help expedite things today on your problem. 

Fortunately the PCB preheating rework station for the particular leadless package type used on the USB IC finally arrived. This is a big help for changing these parts. (Using hot air rework tools without preheating the area under this type of IC package, which has all of its contacts on the bottom plus a central heat-sinking pad, usually results in damage to the board and other components.)

We're working hard to speed up response times and get repairs out more quickly. 

Eric    WA6HHQ

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